Introducing Our Luxury "Don't Give" Model of the Month!

Introducing Our Luxury "Don't Give" Model of the Month!

Introducing Our Luxury "Don't Give" Model of the Month!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition to our eyewear line, the "Don't Give" model. This luxury eyewear model is the product of countless hours of hard work, dedication, and creativity. We pride ourselves on our commitment to high-quality materials and original design concepts, and that is perfectly embodied in the "Don't Give" model. This model truly stands out with its vintage style, unique acetate options, luxurious black and 14k gold plating, and hand-painted engraving. We cannot wait for our customers to see and experience all that the "Don't Give" model has to offer.


We believe that the details make all the difference when it comes to luxury eyewear. That's why we put so much thought and care into each aspect of the "Don't Give" model. It starts with our use of high-quality materials. We've plated our black colour with 14k gold and used surgical stainless steel for all of our colours. And our acetate is truly unique. We searched extensively to find a material that our competitors haven't used in Canada yet, and we believe we've found it. We're offering two options for our acetate, one laminated with denim and another featuring bold, bright colours like turquoise, red, and purple. These details set the "Don't Give" model apart from the competition.

We also believe that small touches can make a big impact. That's why we've included hand-painted engraving on each temple of the "Don't Give" model. It's a detail that only the wearer will notice, but it speaks to the care and craftsmanship that went into creating this model. We've even taken care of our nose pads. We use stainless steel, but we've recovered them with silicone to ensure maximum comfort for our wearers. Some might ignore These small details, but they make the "Don't Give" model so special.

We're so excited to offer this model to our customers; we know it's been a labour of love for us. We believe that the "Don't Give" model perfectly embodies our commitment to quality and originality. It's an eyewear model that is both timeless and trend-setting. We're proud to put our name behind it and can't wait for others to experience it for themselves.


 The "Don't Give" model is a luxury eyewear piece we are incredibly proud to offer. With its vintage style, unique acetate options, 14k gold plating, hand-painted engraving, and comfortable nose pads, it's a model that truly stands out. We believe these small details make a big difference, and we're confident that our customers will also appreciate them. We invite you to visit your nearest sales point to experience the "Don't Give" model for yourself. Be one of the first 100 customers to have it, and get ready to enjoy a truly luxurious eyewear experience.