Funky frames are the best marketing!

Funky frames are the best marketing!

Funky frames are the best marketing!

We had a customer tell us recently that they thought our eyewear was the best business card for their office. We were flattered, of course, but it got us thinking about how important first impressions are and how the right eyewear can make a significant impact.

In this blog post, we'll be sharing some tips on choosing the best eyewear for your business needs. If you're in the market for new glasses or sunglasses, read on!

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We have been in the eyewear industry for many years, which has changed. At first, customers came into the office to purchase high-end brands from designers they know and love.

Still, as of late, these clients have begun buying their products online because brands sell at a cost price without any markups or extra fees added onto their price like other stores do - this is excellent news for us!

We've been in partnership with our customers for many years, and we know they want to grow. When you purchase a product from us, it will be designed with your customer's needs in mind- not like other products out there on the market right now!

I put effort into making sure each individualized design makes sense because, after all, nobody wants an outdated pair of glasses just sitting around collecting dust while they strive towards bettering themselves professionally and aesthetically through fashion choices outside work hours. 😉

Our opticians constantly tell me how many fun people have been introduced into their office by seeing their patients wearing our product.

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I'm always listening to my customer need. It's the reason why I have decided to design my product in four colours, two kinds of classic neutral colours and two funky colours. I always suggest to my customer to pick two colours per model. I always say I'm designing a shape by thinking of a face shape and a colour for a personality.

So choosing two colours of the same model will fit two different customer types. And if one the colour don'T have any success, we will take it back at the next appointment easy like that!

When I choose an eyewear style, it's always for a classic shape and to ensure that our models are wearable with any outfit. It might be fun mixing up colours or textures on one of these pieces, so they don't blend into your clothing too much!

You'll never know if something doesn't work until you try - which is why we offer friendly conditions where people can exchange their unwanted frames, and you can even have a tryout period. You should contact us with the condition and quality of our product you have the perfect recipe for a winning situation.