Try frame at home


Try your eyeglasses at home!

When it's time to buy some new eyeglasses lot of people feel shy about trying them in front of everybody. That's why Afterbang has decided to launch a new service. You can now choose three pairs of eyeglasses, receive them in the comfort of your house to try them for five days. When you made your decision, you return the frame you don't want to the office, when you will pay your pair of eyeglasses we will credit the shipping fee you have pay for the tryout.  If you wish to use ''samples'' option follow those four steps:
1- Choose the glasses you want to try.
2-Proceed to checkout. We will charge shipping fee immediately, and keep credit card authorization for the balance if we need to charge it.
3-Try frame for five days.
4-Use return label inside the box to return glasses you don't like.

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