Hi everyone,

today I want to present to you one of my favourite models for women. The glasses I'm talking about are the "Offbeat".  

The people who have followed me since the beginning know that I love designing glasses that are going to be out of the ordinary, I like people to stand out because of their glasses.

So, for me, creating a very normal metal bezel in black, brown or gunmetal is not one of my passions. When I sat down to create this model, I wanted to bring in a model that would combine metal and plastic with a modern look.

This is why when you look at the model at the level of the nose, you will see that I made an X with the metal, I wanted to create originality of its own. You will notice that despite its construction it is easy to wear, the overall shape of the frame has been designed to be worn by several face types. I wanted the pattern to suit multiple types of people just by changing the colours.

So if you look at the colour composition there are two neutral colours, one is matte black with tortoise, the other is 14k gold-plated and matte black wood finish. For those who love colours, there is purple with 14k gold, and the other is pink and matte silver.

I'm curious to know what's your favourite colour?